splicing tape
plate mounting tape

Solutions for the Printing Industry

As an authorised Print Distributor for 3M and tesa, we always make available the latest innovations that increased speed, efficiency and quality demand.
Flexographic Plate Mounting
From a very wide range, we can offer the correct plate mounting tape to suit your application. From 2 thou, through solid vinyls and up to 60 thou foam backing tape.
Paper, board and film
These continuous processes can involve:
Splicing tapes
Bag sealing tapes
Ripper tapes
PTFE tapes for ‘hot knife’
Roller coating tapes
Print Finishing
For paper and card assembly
Double sided tapes
Adhesive transfer tapes
Hitak / Lotak tapes
Fingeredge tapes
Hot-melt adhesives
Spray adhesives
Glue dots
envelope tear strip
3M atg dispenser
3M tape in print preparation