paint masking
tesa floor marking tapes
tesa MRO products
tesa anti-slip tapes

Tapes & Adhesives in Construction

Building Construction
Damp proof membrane splicing
Contact adhesives
Easy use mastic adhesives
General purpose sealants
Firestopping sealants
Expandable foam sealants
Shuttering on wood or metal framework
Adhesives for polystyrene and acoustic tiles
A number of solutions for the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry.
Cloth and PVC in various colours
Aluminium foil tapes
Pipe Identification tapes
Flame retardant / resistance
Floor Covering
Anti-slip tapes
Double side tapes for carpet laying
Differential tapes for exhibition floors
Sports hall marking
Car park marking
Spreadable adhesives
Masking tapes for sand or shot blasting
Finished surface protection during manufacture
Making sharp edges safe
Securing for transit
Plating and etching
‘Easy cover’ masking foil with tape
Pipe ID tapes